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Learn The Anatomy And Physiology Behind Group Exercise Instructors?

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Become A Successful Fitness Group Instructor

Do you want to teach large audiences? Although this can be more difficult than individual training, our training course will provide you with the necessary knowledge for this kind of instructing.
Group Instructor

What You Can Expect From This Course

  • Discover what your legal responsibilities are as a group instructor.
  • Learn how to lead and instruct people, become a more effective leader and business owner by gaining more competence as a group instructor.
  • All you need in order to start this course is Grade 10/ Form 1V/ SC/ GCE/ ‘O’ Level

Do You Want To Become A Successful Group Instructor?

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Frequently Asked Questions

Our online learning platform is packed with materials such as slides, videos and interactive games that will make your learning experience more informative and fun.

You can learn this course at your own pace! However, most people take 3-4 months to complete it.

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