Fitterpreneur rewards people that are willing to help!
Here are some easy ways you can make extra money:

Reduce You Recruitment Costs By Becoming A Host Facility

Whenever a student completes or during his/her Personal Trainer course or any of our fitness courses, he/she can apply for a practical application at one of our host facilities. They will gain experience by working together with your own staff.

Basically, you will have access to our newest Personal Trainers (Most participants decide to work full-time at the host facility after their practical application is over).

If youre ready to decrease recruitment costs by becoming one of our host facilities, click here.

Refer A Friend

You can get 30$ by simply telling one of your friends to join our Personal Training Course.

We encourage you to get as many people into our Personal Training Course, not only will they benefit from having access to a high-quality course, you will also get 30$ for every successful purchase that you conducted.

Heres How This Works

First of all, you can’t refer someone who already owns our courses. Your friend should be personally addressed to us via email, once he subscribes, your website account will be credited with 30$.      

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If you have any questions about this particular program, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

The Fitterpreneur Affiliate Program

Are you a fitness company that wants to promote your products? This program is exactly what you need!

By becoming a Fitterpreneur affiliate, your products will gain a lot of exposure. Our upcoming fitness entrepreneurs will remember your company whenever they will be looking for gym gear, supplements or any fitness related products.

How to Become A Fitterpreneur Affiliate

Joining our affiliate program isn’t difficult; we made sure that the entire process is fast and convenient. Click here to get started:

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