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Our Personal Trainer Certificate Level 5 Course is certified by Oxifa which is Internationally recognised and Accredited by the Register of Exercise Professionals(REPs).

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Our Personal Trainer Course is a NQF Level 5 certificate and one of our most popular courses.

What You'll Learn:



  • Organise oneself in the workplace

  • Social features in the workplace

  • Workplace communication skills

  • Operate a personal computer system

  • Plan and conduct a research project



  • Function as a team

  • professionally in a fitness environment

  • Operate a personal computer system

  • Demonstrate understanding of professional values and ethics



  • Maintain fitness environment and equipment

  • Monitor and maintain health, safety and security

  • Provide for safety and risk management in sport and fitness

  • Implement policies regarding HIV/AIDS in the workplace



  • Apply anatomical and biomechanical principles to physical activity

  • Apply principles of sport exercise physiology



  • Include persons with disabilities in sport, recreation or fitness activities

  • Analyze external factors influencing people who have special needs

  • Conduct a screening procedure

  • Test and evaluate health related fitness components


  • Design an exercise program

  • Lead and instruct exercise programs for individuals and groups



  • Promote awareness of nutritional principles

  • Motivate and encourage participation in physical activity

  • Provide for safety and risk management in sport and fitness

  • Utilize wellness concepts for lifestyle changes



  • Apply entrepreneurship to the administration of a sport or fitness business

What Our Students Are Saying:

Join Fitterpreneur satisfied students around the world who are already a certified Personal Trainer Level 5

I am a certified personal trainer and it took me a while before getting my certification but after i did, I was able to work on cruise ships and have now traveled the world and have been able to live my passion of helping people get fitter and healthier. Thank you so much for your making this course online via app which has helped me study my course even working full time.

Rebecca J.

Personal Trainer, Canyon Ranch Cruise Ship

Great course to start a career in fitness. The support team is amazing. After taking the course my mentor gave me opportunities to intern in a fitness club. The interview preparation went so well and improved a lot in public speaking too. If you are serious about taking your training to the next level i highly recommend this course with Fitterpreneur!

Leonardo N.

Personal Trainer, David Llyod Club

What You Can Do With This Certificate

  • Work In A Commercial Gym
  • Start Your Own Fitness Studio
  • Online Personal Trainer
  • Work In Hotels
  • Work on cruise-ship
  • Work Abroad

Guaranteed Job Interview With Top Fitness Workplaces Around The World!

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Get endless opportunities locally or internationally when you enter the fitness industry with this certificate!

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When can I start my personal training certificate course?

If you have a grade 12 or NQF 4 qualification then you can start whenever you want to!

Will I get student support during my e-learning process?

Of course, you can communicate with our student support managers at any time via email or through our mobile app.

I do not have a Grade 12 or NQF Level 4 qualification. Can I Enroll?

If you do not have Grade 12/ NQF Level 4 qualification then we will advise starting with our Fitness Instructor Course. Email our student support manager to enquire about this on

Is the personal training certificate internationally recognized and accredited?

Yes, our certificate is accredited and accepted throughout the UK, Europe, New Zealand, and Australia. It is accredited by The Register Of Exercise Professionals South Africa (REPSSA).

Will I need to travel to any country or any other venues for my final assessment?

No, you can complete this course from your home online on our e-learning platform or mobile app. You will not need to travel anywhere. In order to complete this course, you will have to complete practical requirements by shadowing a qualified fitness trainer whether in the gym or at home/online.

How long will it take me to finish this course?

Many of our students completed this course in 4-6 months at their own pace! Normally, it takes 6-12 months to be completed.

What will I get after enrolling in this course?What will I get after enrolling in this course?

We will provide you your user ID and password so that you can access our educational platform. You will get your learning materials; student manual, study guide, chapter guidelines, workbook, workplace logbook, video lessons, study assignments, practical assignments, handouts, presentations, and other study materials.

Do I need to do a CPR/AED first aid course?

Yes, you will have to complete a CPR/AED first aid course before completing the final assessment of the course. We will guide you further on that.

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